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All new and last minute news! After last years success at the Post Classic Superbike Junior Race at the 2011 Manx Grand Prix I decided to let Cargo have another go this year. Hopefully we can crack the 135mph barrier maybe, but more likely we can get Cargo his first replica which would be really nice. I've raced the bike myself at the pre TT classic races and the Post TT races at Billown. It's back to the short circuits for the rest of the year for me now which is going great.

It's 1 week to the MGP and counting, the bike build has begun, bits have arrived and I have beer. I've started gallery for the Manx Grand Prix 2012. Honest it will be done in time.

The Team

I'm Mark, I build and ride the bikes. My wife Jackie is general pit monkey and newly promoted team photographer. Cargo is stand in rider for ridiculous concepts and testing barmat theories (sometimes without his knowledge).

The bikes

Read all about my original RGV (Regina is her official name, not my idea) in the RGV blog. There is also a photo album of the RGV build, and Jackie has done a fantastic job of photo journalist so there is a picture record of the Manx Grand Prix 2011 fortnight. I also now have a second faster RGV which we have nicknamed Rasputin, this years tales of daring and stupidity are on this page. Having now done the Pre TT classic and Post TT races at Billown I have thrown together a gallery of pictures from both meetings here.

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